The artist was born in Bella-Pais, Kyrenia in 1934. He lived there until 1974 when he was displaced due to the Turkish Occupation. He is a naif artist dealing with a special folkloric ceramic art. He is a member of the Cyprus Chamber of Arts .
The artist was raised in the magic landscape of Bella-Pais between the north coastline of Cyprus and Pentadaktylos mountain. This absolute paradise was the environment within which the artist developed his sensitivity, during his childhood-around the middle of the 20th century-towards the traditional pure life of our fathers. The tradition, habits and customs of Cyprus villagers is his main source of inspiration.

The findings in the archaeological site of Vounoi (2500-1900 b.C.), near Bella-Pais, which are exhibited in Nicosia archaeological museum, influenced the artist. These findings are actually the models he used to develop his own style. Through his work he demonstrates, with unique passion, the every day life of Cypriots in the past.

Simple clay becomes a live material within the artist's hands. His driving force is his love for the people of Cyprus and its tradition. His work is considered unique, and of great importance within the Greek and Cypriot nation, due to the fact that the ancient Cypriot notions and tradition are impeccably rendered through his work.

On December 27th, 2004, he was honored among other artists at the Presidential Manor by the President fo Cyprus with a diploma and a "yearly honorary fund for his contribution to the formation of the Modern Cultural Identity of Cyprus."

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